With help from the team at  Bailey’s Moving and Storage, Atlas Rigging & Transfer received a seismic shaker machine from the Utah State University Geology Department. Both teams moved it inside the Manti Temple of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The seismic equipment was used to test the buildings movement, and the Manti temple will be undergoing a seismic upgrade to help withstand a large magnitude earthquake.

The project was to rig the heavy equipment up through an ornate spiral stair case with limited room using a custom gantry and brute force. All this needed to be done without damaging any of the custom woodwork of the staircase and railings. This was accomplished with precision and care.

The Geology Department ran the seismic tests for one week, and the teams returned to remove the equipment from the temple.

Check out the picture of Atlas at the scene.