Atlas was hired to install two sections of the new pedestrian bridge weighing in at 115,000 lbs., which required a critical lift of two Mountain Cranes and Atlas Rigging and Transfer’s 60/80 and 40/60 Versa Lifts.

Check out the video:

The job required thirty three 8’x16” steel plates to be laid out for our Versa lifts to be able to maneuver the bridge into position. There were two bridge locations, so moving the steel plates in two areas took some time and planning due to the angle of the lift.

In the videos, you can see the special equipment that was required to move the large bridge sections from the fabrication area.

One of the sections closed the airport road down for 30 minutes for the Goldhofer to transport the large sections of bridge to the critical lift area. The Goldhofer is owned by Mountain Crane which is operated by remote.

As the bridge was lifted, there are special stands as a safety measure during the lift in case one of the four pieces of equipment failed. The bridge was lifted up 20 feet high and maneuvered into final alignment so the ironworkers could connect the bridge to the building’s structural steel.

This was project was a great accomplishment by both parties involved to coordinate and work in the tight working conditions. The project took one week to complete.