Chillers Needed Lifting

Atlas Rigging & Transfer’s Luke Nielsen was contacted by David Johansen of Bragg Crane to help rig and complete a move at the Montego Bay Resort in Wendover, Nevada.

The scope of the project was to remove three existing chillers from a second floor mechanical room and install three new 23,000 lbs chillers using an Atlas lift platform. The platform was engineered and constructed by the Atlas team. Atlas team lead Randy Haapala and his crew worked with the team at Bragg Crane to complete the work flawlessly. Thanks to all!

The Platform

The main function of the lift platform is to stabalize heavy machinery while lifting it by crane. This is best used when heavy equipment needs to be transported to an elevated landing like an exposed entry to a another floor of a building. Atlas has used this technique for moving all types of heavy machinery like MRI machines, chillers, and more.

Check out some great images of the platform and rigging in action.