Atlas the Dog

Sarah Kelley is a sales administrator at our company. She comes to work each day with her service dog named Atlas. Here are just a few questions we get from people wanting to know a little more about this special animal.

Is Atlas a German Shepherd?

Atlas is a purebred German Shepherd from the Czech Republic.

Why is Atlas at the office most everyday?

He was prescribed to Sarah to help calm her during her PTSD episodes. Atlas brings a smile to everyone’s face and is a unique part of work here.

Was he trained?

Yes, he was trained. He has done basic obedience, therapy at a hospital in Utah, an introductory K-9 course in Colorado, and basic socialization.

Does he do any tricks?

Atlas was trained in German so all of his trick commands are in German. He can sit, lay down, stay, pray, jump up, speak, whisper, chase, and roll over.

What are his favorite things to do at work?

He loves to take naps and make Sarah pet him. He also loves to go visit the guys in the warehouse.

What are his favorite things to do outside of work?

Atlas loves to play in parks and go running. Hiking is his favorite and things only get better in the snow. He loves to play laser pointer and thinks “Bug the Cat” is the best game ever.

How should people react or respond to Atlas when they visit our offices? and, What does Atlas like from strangers or new people?

Be friendly and don’t be afraid to pet and love him. He is a kind-hearted, big softie and is protective of Sarah. Atlas likes to be pet and to be talked to.

What are his favorite things to eat?

Atlas loves eating every kind of meat but he never says no to broccoli or chips. Sarah keeps him on a stricter diet of dog food & wet dog food from the can.

What is something funny about Atlas?

When Atlas closes his mouth, his jowls are so big that his teeth will get stuck on them and it makes his cheeks stick out when he closes his mouth. He also hates it when you puff your cheeks out at him or blow in his face. It’s hilarious.


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