Specialty equipment

Atlas Rigging & Transfer is able to tackle many more difficult jobs with our specialty equipment. Specialty equipment allows us to move heavy machinery and equipment in smaller spaces with precision.

From specialty lifts to hydraulic gantries and turntables to jack-n-slide equipment, your tough jobs get done safely and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Chain Falls, Cable & Rope Come-Alongs

Atlas is the ultimate solution for all your rigging requirements. We have the rigging tools you need for your hoisting and rigging projects, including:

  • Chain Falls
  • Cable Come-Alongs
  • Rope Come-Alongs
  • Come-Along Hoists

We guarantee that all our rigging tools meet quality standards. We perform regular checks on our cable and rope come-along hoist tools. High levels of safety and reliability are among the top priorities at Atlas Rigging & Transfer.

Heavy Load Turntable

Hydraulic turntableHydraulic turntables solve a big problem for movers, rotating heavy or over-sized loads accurately and efficiently, especially in areas of restricted access or clearance. Ours can handle loads up to 600,000 pounds.

  • Ideal for rotating big, heavy objects like transformers and generators during handling or installation


Hydraulic jack-n-slideOur up to 800-ton jack-n-slide system is a low-profile series of tracks, jacks, ekki jacking timbers, hydraulic pushers, and a customized power unit that allows for for moving very heavy objects over relatively short distances. This system is typically used when cranes and other large moving equipment is not practical or space is limited.

  • Moving objects to and from trailers, railroad cars, foundations, and staging areas
  • Safely moving indoors and within power stations

Precision Rigger PR40

Our PR40 has a 40,000 pound capacity at 24 inches load center to a height of 20 feet. It is the only one of it’s kind west of the Mississippi (picture shown above).

Versa-Lift Model 60/80

Our specialty forklift is the 2nd largest in the West. Its extendable counterweight allows this machine to lift up to 100,000 pounds!