Atlas Rigging & Transfer was called in to install heat exchanger (172″ x 32″ x 94″ and 6, 500 lbs.) for Statco Engineering into Gossner Foods in Logan, UT. The team had limited access though doorways and needed to carefully work around existing equipment. The biggest challenge was coming up with a plan to get the 94″ tall heat exchanger though the 85″ high door opening.

Atlas was able to remove the riser legs on the heat exchanger and rig it to two forklifts and rigging booms. This configuration allowed the team to transfer the unit through the door and then hand off to the gantry inside the room. Once inside, the heat exchanger was rigged back to both forklifts to get it close to its final location. The heat exchanger was then transferred back to the gantry for final placement. Through careful planning and technical expertise, the Atlas team completed the job successfully and on time.

Getting a technical move of heavy machinery done right requires proper equipment and expert training. The equipment used for this project was a 15K forklift and rigging boom, a 7K forklift and rigging boom, a gantry crane, and chain falls. Atlas own a significant inventory of specialty tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently and done right.

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