Atlas Rigging & Transfer team members Rich Runsted, Mike Garduna, and Dylan Johnson helped RELCO install a new heat exchanger at a location in Burley, Idaho. The job required removing an old heat exchanger and replacing it with a new larger one. Atlas expertise allowed the team to perform the removal and installation safely and without damage in a very limited space.

Removing the existing heat exchanger required using an Atlas forklift to place steel plates on the flooring as needed to protect drains along the path. The Atlas team also set cribbing stacks and placed steel plates on top of the cribbing stacks. Once clear of all obstructions, the team rigged the existing heat exchanger to one fork lift and maneuvered backwards along the constructed platform to provide clearance to then rig the tail end of the heat exchanger to a second Atlas fork lift. The machinery was tandem lifted, maneuvered clear of the platform, and then placed onto machine dollies. The existing heat exchanger was removed from the facility and placed into a designated staging area outside.

After the removal setup was cleared, the new heat exchanger was unloaded and staged inside the facility. It was then placed onto machine dollies and rolled to the new platform. Once there, the new heat exchanger was lifted to install its support legs and set into its final position.

Check out some photos of the project.