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Conveyor installation

Conveyor systems are complex. They involve pulleys, rotators, hooks, gears, buckets and a rubber conveyor belt that has its own rollers. Companies in industries as diverse as grain, food, paint and metal processing sometimes find themselves needing to relocate their entire conveyor assembly. That’s when they call Atlas Rigging & Transfer, a well-known machinery relocation and conveyor installation company. We disassemble, crate, move and reassemble the conveyor line. We can also install a new conveyor to replace an older one in a company’s current location, or undertake a necessary conveyor belt installation.

Exceeding Customer Expectations & Requirements

We successfully tackled several projects for Coca-Cola bottling in Salt Lake City, Utah, including the installation of a new can-filling system that fills the cans with a predetermined amount of mixed product, as well as a new in-feed and output conveying system for the cans. Later, we installed and modified existing and new packaging machinery that was incorporated with the filling system.

Accomplishing Complex Installations

Atlas performed work for Interstate Brands in Salt Lake City, Utah (the Wonder Bread Bakery) and Ogden, Utah (previously Continental Bakery). Services provided to both bakeries included the installation, modifications and repairs of mixers and proofers (large vertical spiraling conveyor systems for cooling). Modifications were done on conveyor fabrication by making adjustments and installing additional conveying systems, including packaging system. Finally, equipment for manufacturing donuts was installed, including a donut press, in-feed conveying press, fryer system, out-feed conveyors and packaging equipment.