Barrier bagging

If you’re sending anything overseas to or from a humid area of the U.S, Canada or Mexico, or if you know your equipment will be stuck sitting at a port for several days, then your equipment needs barrier bagging. Why? Excessive moisture, humidity and acids leaking from crating woods can damage equipment that is not properly protected. By not using barrier bagging, you run the risk of damaging your equipment through rust, acid pitting and worse.

Barrier bagging is not only important for truck or ocean shipments, but air shipments as well. Extreme changes in altitude and temperature can make your equipment prone to excessive condensation, meaning that without barrier bagging, it may arrive rusted.

Choose Atlas Rigging & Transfer

At Atlas Rigging & Transfer, our barrier bagging goes way beyond shrink-wrapping. We protect your equipment from the elements by sealing it in a moisture-proof bag. After sealing, we vacuum all moisture from inside the bag. Your equipment is thoroughly protected from moisture of any kind until it is unsealed at its new destination.

What type of equipment needs a barrier bag? If your equipment can rust (like machined surfaces and electrical components), it requires barrier bagging. Think of barrier bagging as low-cost protection insurance for your equipment — then call Atlas!