Specialty rigging

We think of our master riggers as problem solvers. They can handle on-site rigging services for even your most fragile artifacts — those that require a delicate touch — including statue assembly, artwork or rare and museum-quality artifacts.

Choose Atlas Rigging & Transfer

Our professionals know how to move, rig and install:

  • Sensitive Machinery and Instruments
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Semiconductors and Sensitive Equipment
  • Lab, Cleanroom and Medical/Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Items Weighing 1,000,000 lbs.
  • Delicate Artwork

We understand how to handle your specialized equipment as well as protect your facility during the rigging and moving processes. We prepare for potential contamination, vibration and moisture/condensation issues using custom crating and specialty equipment to securely and safely rig, lift and relocate your items — no matter how large or fragile.

A Rocket Science Rigging Solution

When the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida needed help, they called Atlas Rigging & Transfer for the solution. This was their challenge: They needed a system capable of picking up the Titan IV rocket motor, which weighs one million pounds. That’s right — they needed specialty rigging that could handle a million pounds!

Talk about a challenge. But, as usual, Atlas was up to the task and created a system able to lift an incredible 1.25 million pounds. This project was so successful that we created additional systems for Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California and Alliant Techsystems in Magna, Utah.